First Recorded of the Microsnail Genus Acmella (Gastropoda: Assimneidae) from Thailand

Pornnapat Wangkhiri, Sasita Panpong, Nawawinan Jaijan, Sarocha Eiamsum-ang, Rungwit Chaijirawong, Koraon Wongkamhaeng, Pongrat Dumrongrojwattana


From a mini-survey of cave-dweller microsnail diversity in Prakayang Cave, Ranong Province, Southern Thailand. Acmella sp. was collected from the dark zone in the cave. The animals were blind. Radula was Taenioglossate type. This is the first report of snails in this genus that is a carvernicolous snail and its radula morphology in Thailand.


Keywords: Acmella, microsnails, cave, Southern Part, Thailand

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