Design and Construction a batch ball mill for preparation of Y134 superconDesign and Construction a Batch Ball Mill for Preparation of Y134 Superconductorductor

Theerathawan Panklang, Tunyanop Nilkamjon, Rattanasuda Supadanaison, Pariwat Kumtha, Natwagee Inlek, Thanaporn Ouengmongkhonchai, Pongkaew Udomsamuthirun


The purpose of this research is to design and construct the  batch ball milling for Y134 superconductor preparation by wet and dry ball milling. We found that the best condition is a milling speed of 900 rpm. With volume of 800 cm3 and alumina ball diameter of 5 mm. The Y134 superconductor was synthesized by solid state reaction using Y2O3, BaCO3  and CuO as staring materials. The isopropyl alcohol was used as a media in wet ball milling process. The wet ball milling process provided of the sample with smller grain size and higher critical temperature than sample of dry ball milling.  The wet and dry ball milling processes provided samples with less porosity compared with the samples prepared from grinding by mortar.


Keywords :  ball milling, Y134 superconductor, solid state reaction

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